Top 5 Things to Do On a Vacation in Miami

Planning a Vacation?

It should be an exciting time in your life if you are!

Whether you’re looking to head to Miami with the family for vacation, or a group of your closest friends, there are tons of things to do while you’re there. In this article we’ll run down 5 fun things to do on a vacation in this incredible city.

Ready for The Best Vacation Ideas?

1. Renting a Yacht for The Day: Miami is perhaps most well-known for its proximity to the ocean, therefore, luxury yacht charters Miami is one the top recommendations we have if you really want to experience what this city is all about.

When you charter a private yacht, you get to experience the bright blue ocean, warm temperatures, and beautiful views all from the comfort of your private boat. You can visit several tropical islands and participate in water sports.

2. Sightseeing Tour: This beautiful city has a lot of history, and there is so much to do and see. If you’ve never been to South Florida before, we highly recommend that you book a sightseeing tour to get an insider’s view of the city.

From historic attracts, to beautiful beaches, you can book a guided tour that allows you to get a feel for the culture and lifestyle that the city residents enjoy year round.

3. Day at the Beach: Visiting at least one of Miami’s famed beaches while you’re on vacation here is an absolute must. From the white sand, to the gorgeous blue water, you’ll pitch your umbrella up and stay all day.

Some people come to the beach to enjoy a peaceful day with a book, while others bring their surfboards and wetsuits and spend the day in the water. No matter what your perfect beach day looks like, you’ll love the gorgeous beaches of south FL.

A New Concept

4.Ferry Boat Ride: Want to explore some of the nearby islands and countries? Did you know that some of the islands of the Bahamas are just a short ferry boat ride over? You can be in another tropical country in minutes!

Taking a ferry boat allows you to be out on the water, enjoying the scenery and atmosphere, without the expense of a private yacht charter. We believe that you should take any opportunity you have to get out on the ocean, and a ferry boat ride does just that.

5. The Incredible Nightlife: If you’re into nightlife and you’ve yet to experience this wonderful place at night, you have got to make this part of your next vacation. People say that New York City is the city that never sleeps, but we argue that it is this incredible destination.

There are dozens of nightclubs, open all night long, for dancing, drinking and good times. It’s near impossible to not get in the mood to dance the night away the second you walk into any one of these famous hot spots.

If you’re planning your next vacation to Miami, we hope that these 5 things to do inspire you to start thinking about the possibilities and booking your fun in advance. Come fall in love with the people and spirit of the deep south!


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