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Yoga:  Summer Schedule: 
Tuesdays: 9am-10am. RESTORATIVE This is a wonderful, relaxing class to help you focus on your mind while moving gently and safely. Good for all levels and great for beginners or those recovering from injury or illness.

Sundays: 9:30-10:45 Intermediate / advanced ashtanga based flow class. 
 Join us for this vigorous class once you've mastered the beginning poses ! This is a faster based class where we flow through a series of yoga poses. It's a more rigorous class that's good for those who want to move.

Without Limits
Classes for students with special needs

We will evaluate your student and decide if placement within our typical program is appropriate, or if one on one or small group classes are better!

Contact Michelle at or 513-470-2812 for more info!

Dance with Autism:  a movement class using music and fun props!  

For:  Boys and Girls Ages 4-10

Teen Without Limits Class:   Girls and boys can explore movement based around the foundations of ballet and modern dance, and explore creative dance to increase strength and flexibility.
Thanks to a private donor and the Hamilton Community Foundation, all without limits classes are free!    

All classes run the course of the school year and students are expected to attend the full year.  
All students must take a minimum of 1 ballet class a week.
 Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms and will enhance their other pursuits. 
Class descriptions  
Prices follow descriptions
Classes through level 2 all begin with a mat work warm up that allows students to strengthen their core muscles and develop good posture, both necessary for strong dancers! 
Movement for 2-3 year olds

This class is a perfect introduction to dance classroom structure, but allows for the freedom that 2 and early 3 year olds need!  We explore movement in this student driven class, by using physio balls, bean bags, hula hoops and other fun "tools" that allow the kids to explore movement at their own pace.  As this class progresses through the year, more structure is added to the class to prepare the students for the 3-4 year old class. We have a great time exploring movement words and concepts...pushing, pulling, jumping, rolling among others as we work our way through the one hour class! 
Creative movement for 3-4-5 year old pre-k students

This class uses creative movement and the child's natural ability to move in order to connect their movements with music and the rhythms within the music.  We are working on gross motor skills such as hopping, jumping, skipping and balancing while doing so to music.  We also introduce the basics of ballet which includes arm and leg positions, basic posture and some basic rhythms and terminology.  This class ends with a quick introduction to TAP allowing the kids to explore rhythms using their own feet to make the sounds!  With the kids being so young, they often set the pace as the instructor guides them through the class!!  
Level 1 ballet  (kindergarten and older)

During this class, more ballet is introduced, including terminology and developmentally appropriate steps.  We continue to explore rhythms and movement using common ballet rhythms such as the waltz and the polka.  We also use creative movement to allow the children to explore their body and movement in the most natural way!    
Level 2 ballet 

It is in this class that we begin learning more ballet terminology and steps.  The students learn French terminology and how to do various basic ballet steps.  It is in this level that the students move into more complex bar work, and combining some steps in center work.  This level is a good foundation for their future advanced work! 
Level 3 ballet

In level 3 classes, the students continue studying ballet fundamentals, working on their body placement, terminology and correct execution of steps.  In this level we begin to focus on combining learned steps in a combination done in the center of the dance floor.  
OPEN ballet Class

This class is OPEN to any student level pre-pointe and above.  During this class, we will pick a different "focus" every few weeks, working through balances, petite and grande allegro, turns, adage both at the barre and in center, and other ballet concepts.
Pre-pointe and Technique

In pre-pointe, the students are working on specific exercises to prepare their bodies for the next step in their ballet training; getting pointe shoes.  The students spend 2 days a week taking technique classes which incorporate exercises from the perfect point system (Lisa Howell) to strengthen, while continuing to improve their technical ability and knowledge of ballet.
Pre Pointe Modern Class

This modern class is highly encouraged for our pre-pointe students for strength and movement quality necessary to be a well rounded dancer.  

Beginning Pointe

Beginning pointe students are grouped together by level and when they're getting their shoes,  Please see MVBT staff for evaluation before signing up for this class. 
Intermediate/adv Modern
This modern class is geared to students in high school and older, or the student interested in taking additional modern each week. (check with Michelle before siging up for the class to make sure it's appropriate for you) Students will take modern class and spend time working through choreography during the 33 week session. 
Intermediate / advanced ballet and pointe

In intermediate and advanced ballet, students are able to execute ballet fundamentals with proper placement while following directions given in French.  In this level students should be able to make corrections given by the teacher, and should be able to begin to apply these to their dancing.  Most students in this level begin taking multiple classes a week, and have begun pointe work.  (pointe may be incorporated into classtime)   
AdultYoga! (16 and older)
All experience levels are welcome

Register online and buy a class card to save money! Drop in rate is $14 / class. 
Tap / Musical Theatre

email for specifics
Level 1through pre-pointe tap classes incorporate rhythms and basic tap steps to allow students to explore tap in a fun environment!
In addition to tap, students will explore the fun world of musical theatre! Singing and dancing to fun broadway songs makes for a great class!

a mix of beginning modern and Jazz techniques to give students an introuction to both, and to allow the student to acquire basic skills needed to move forward in both modern and jazz. 

contemporary A (ages 6-8) 
contemporary B (ages 9-12)


BEGINNING JAZZ (11 and older)

All Boys Modern class!

Boys Ages 6-11
All boys welcome to take this modern dance class.  Learn modern techniques, including improv and choreography in this fun, all boys class!!  
Dress code:  anything comfortable!

The payments that are listed below are the total due for each type of class for the ENTIRE 33 week year.  I then list a monthly payment amount per class, which is based on a total of 8 payments.  (Last payment will be adjusted as need to pay the total amount due for the year)
Payments will be due as follows and follow the costs listed below.
Payment 1:  Sept 5
Payment 2:  Oct. 5
Payment 3:  Nov. 5
Payment 4:  Jan. 5
Payment 5:  Feb. 5
Payment 6:  Mar. 5
Payment 7:  Apr. 5
Payment 8:  May 5 
Class costs are as follows
Level CM through level 2:  $400 /yr          $50 /mo.
Level 3:                          $496 /yr          $62 /mo.
Tap:                               $168 /yr          $21 /mo.
Contemporary A and B       $264 / yr         $33 / mo.
All boys modern
Beginning (11+)                    $280             $35 / mo. 
Intermediate and adv           $336 / yr         $42 / mo.
Pre-pointe through advanced   (this schedule is for a combination of pointe, ballet and modern classes only…any tap or jazz is a separate fee)            
   1 class a week              $664 /yr        $83 /mo.
   2 classes a week          $1056 /yr       $132 /mo.
   3 classes a week          $1392 /yr       $174 /mo.
   4+ classes a week        $1584 /yr       $198 /mo.
Beginning adult ballet and Yoga
Register online and purchase "class cards" to find the most economical way to take our adult classes.

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